My second International Best Selling Book "Courageous World Catalysts II"

Anthology book "Courageous World Catalysts II" spread hope, motivation and inspiration worldwidw through eleven inpactful stories and hits International #1 best seller in the USA, UK, France and Australia.

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Healthy self-isolation - time for transformation

Have you ever been in self-isolation during a time when the world is moving forward with full throttle?

I once was.


Let's start our journey

This page is for Women Leaders - Women that want to be successful in their careers and live stress-free, well balanced lives on both personal and professional level.


TV morning program in my country - About my book and course "The Winning Skill".


Be real and be honest, do not try to be perfect

From the book: The Winning Skill

Once my journey on the manipulative train set off, there was no going back. I entered that train consciously, along with a manipulator.


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