My second International Best Selling Book "Courageous World Catalysts II"

Anthology book "Courageous World Catalysts II" spread hope, motivation and inspiration worldwidw through eleven inpactful stories and hits International #1 best seller in the USA, UK, France and Australia.

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Let's start our journey

This page is for Women Leaders, Women who are seen as successful in their career in the future, for all Women who want to live their lives stressfree and pressure from other people.


TV morning program in my country - About my book and course "The Winning Skill".


Be real and be honest, do not try to be perfect

From the book: The Winning Skill

Once my journey on the manipulative train set off, there was no going back. I entered that train consciously, along with a manipulator.


Change yourself

Learn how to recognize people at the very beginning. You must know how to recognize manipulators from the start. Then you will never fall into the trap.


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