Healthy self-isolation - time for transformation

Illustration: Eva Bee


Self-isolation is desirable and healthy for everyone. Even under the conditions where in the rest of the world life continues on normally. Such self-isolation is desirable and healthy, especially at the time of a big and upcoming transformation in your life. This is when you come to collide with the rest of the world (anything you have contact with in your world).

You need self-isolation to find the answers to the questions that are being imposed on you, because you get to the point of not understanding the others anymore. You understand their way of thinking, their changed behavior, but you just do not fit into their game anymore.


Because you are living life realistically, you are thinking realistically, you care about other people. But, you became a person who does not recognize those people anymore. Who was the first one to change? Them or you?

What changed the outlook on life that you had together?

Who was the first one to start thinking only of the good for themselves, when we used to be considerate of the good for each other up until yesterday?

Who started to live a life only with interest, when we lived with unconditional love for each other up until yesterday?

Who began to have no time for the other person, when we were each other’s priority up until yesterday?

During this period, it is time to self-isolate, to think, and come up with answers to your questions that confused you - What has changed? Who am I? Who do I expect to be? What do I expect? Why am I expecting anything from anyone?

When you start to live in a way that you constantly expect something from someone, you unconsciously begin to depend on them. Therefore, you start living with expectations. And you are not happy, because of your unfulfilled expectation.

The answers are coming. They might startle you – but, they will lead you to your freedom. The freedom to live without depending on anyone. Be grateful to them that you finally found your answers, respect them even more because they have taught you how to live freely for the rest of your life, filled with a multiplied love and a free mind that knows how to live in the real world.

As much as it is desirable to self-isolate during the moments of your upcoming transformation, you will be happy with the answers you found. This will bring you a higher level of consciousness and self-reflection, will help you achieve more freedom, love for yourself and for others.

And in this present day of isolation, infuriated by a worldwide pandemic crisis you can take advantage to find the answers for yourself, to find a lost love, the sense of love towards the collective, to defeat the myth of the individual, to unlock consciousness. A sense of collectivity, a sense for other people and a sense of love for others. In self-isolation, people can find answers to all their negative comments towards those who were facing difficult situations during the pandemic and were looking to find a safe way to come home. Would these comments even be said if THEY were in that situation or one of their loved ones? Unfortunately, those negative comments are from people who have lost the sense of collectiveness, have lost the sense of love for all others. The "Me and no one else" theory couldn’t persists for a long time... it turns people against each other, individual against individual, and comes with a very poisoned judgment towards anyone (who deals with bad moments) that is not their child, a loved one or THEM personally. This defeats the myth of the individual. The roots of love are very selfish, it can bury all the values that carry the collective love, collective freedom and success, which leads to strengthening the collective.

Somewhere I read an article that self-isolation lead to illness and/or depression. I cannot agree with that, but I can understand why. Just as I can understand some people’s changed behavior, but I can't agree with their selfish way of thinking. So, this was an inspiration for me to inspire you how to spend the time in self-isolation and in quarantine during this difficult time. This is the best time for some people to find their lost love for collectivity, to find their forgotten life values and to get rid of any selfishness they accumulate during the time. After that they will come out as happy people, not depressed.

Once I found my freedom in a state of self-isolation, self-isolation in conditions that the world has lived its phase called life. I self-isolated myself to find the answers for my disagreements with the world, even with some friends. I knew I was on the right track, even if that meant being alone throughout the whole journey. I knew that I didn’t lose any values and emotions on that path, but I was multiplying my love for myself and for the collective, while everyone else was growing their selfishness and individuality. And believe me, I wasn’t standing alone on that path. People divided themselves and cleaned up the environment around me, all by themselves. Everything that was fake eventually raised to the surface and moved away from me. Fake relations did not survive, and most importantly I got rid of my addiction to some people, people to whom I had unconsciously become addicted to. I had gained freedom. I am a free person who lives the values of life, with a heart full of love for the collective and a winning skill that protects me from toxic and false relationships.

Now, do you see how they helped me? Do you see how self-isolation can help to clean up your surrounding?

Life is not a lie. Life is a reality, but the way you choose to live it could be a lie. Choose realities to be fulfilled.

But, I believe that something good is coming. Maybe the cycle is closing.

This is a time of collective suffering. This is a time when people are easily manipulated. But, every suffering makes sense. After every suffering, something good happens. I think the good thing is that this suffering leads to awaken people's conscience and them to learn how to make a connection with their own soul.



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