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Who am I

Are you ready to free yourself from the pressure imposed to you by the people around you?
Are you ready to have a gift that will make you successful in your career and fulfilled in your private life?

I lived my whole life with new wishes, always a new dream, and a new goal. I always thought only that makes a person feel alive. I have always strived to achieve my dreams and goals in my life.

As the years passed, I kept the "child" in me and continued to pursue with my dreams. There was never even a moment of my life without my own dream and goal. Over time I achieved them, and I changed those that were impossible to achieve. But that was the only thing that kept me alive. I never let the "child" in me disappear.

Long years of successful career as leader. Leadership means to inspire people you work with, to make them feel safe in the working environment, trust.

How does it feel to be a woman leader for so many years in my country? A country in which value and professionalism are not valued, but the policy has entered every sphere of life. How can you be successful woman in striking a balance between your professional and private life? How does it feel to be a woman in a man’s world?

It’s simple.

I always act with my inner strength and knowledge how to recognize people from the very first contact and how to recognize their personality. I always cooperate with people sharing the same values as me. In my personal life as well, there are people sharing the same values with. I always have the great team with me. I never have toxic people in my private life. My friends are wonderful. In such a way my professional and private life always moves forward, always relaxed and with no need to lose time to unnecessary things. 

I have always fought the stagnation of my personal development, the personal development of the employees, against lies that were against my values. 

I create and accept changes with my both hands, although I live in an environment where it is normal to live under a scheme of life imposed by others. I always lived and changed myself according to my own beliefs, the global world and my own values I cherished. I didn’t want to be closed in a circle; I wanted to be a part of the world. 

I inspire others. And I manage to do that. Especially using the gift I have, and that is knowledge how to recognize people at the very beginning. That’s my gift and sharing it with my clients. I rejoice the changes they go through, and I see their personal transformation and the results they achieve both professionally and in their private life. 

I’m a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and most importantly human being. With my gift, with my transformational abilities, with my ability to recognize and ignore manipulators, and liers as well, my loyalty to the truth and the true values, my spiritual indestructibility, my belief in myself, my mind and soul, I’m happy to share my knowledge with you.

The definition saying that a woman can have both, successful career and a fulfilled private life - is absolutely TRUE. 

Everyone in this world deserves success and a fulfilling life. GRAB YOURS.

Always leave your own mark on what you are doing and be recognizable by the values that you have.

Never let anyone else manages your emotions. Do not give anyone a permission to manage your success and your life. You are the leader. It is a choice, your choice. You need to have a fulfilled private life and you will have it. You are the leader in your profession and your private life. Do not miss your chance given to you when you came to this world. Learn how to recognize people. Learn my techniques to recognize manipulators. Never make room for them in your professional and private life. You have a chance to get my gift.
Say NO to the pressures. I am blessed to be part of our journey together.

My biography


• More than 22 years of experience in leadership and management
• Leader in the Public Health Institutions
• Leader in a Construction company and Public Retail
• Business Consultant
• Best Selling Author
• Personal/Transformational Coach 
• PhD in Economic
• Author of over 20 published profession-related articles 
• Attended over 40 business conferences


Yes. Books, travelling and natural cosmetics - it’s a treasure. It feels great when your passion is your profession as well. And you know what? I will reveal another of my dreams that has come true. That’s my line of organic cosmetics - creams DDPure. Yes, that’s my brand. They are available in my country where my fellow citizens using my crèmes have got rid of their skin allergies, my creams treat skin problems, and what about the wrinkles? Use my crèmes and you will forget about them. My passion for nature and organic cosmetics are a part of what makes me happy.

My journey with you, through my program for a successful and fulfilled life, writing and my organic skin crèmes brand, is my world.

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