The Winning Skill – the secret to a successful career and personal, private life full of bliss

Have you ever felt like your authority as a woman at work has been in question?                                                         

Do you feel like even though you’re in a leadership position, you don’t really get to be in charge?            

Ever feel manipulated by your counterparts?

Or ever feel manipulated by people in your private relationship?

And then go home and wonder, “How did that even happen…. again?!”


Maybe you’re tired of feeling like you can’t speak your mind or effectively do your job because you’re listening to too much chatter from other people.


Well, you’re not alone.  

  • Feeling manipulated by the people around you.
  • Feeling constrained, almost suffocated at work
  • Confused by the feedback you’re getting (because you’re being manipulated)
  • Unable to fully step into the leadership position you’ve earned
  • Lacking confidence in yourself and getting questioned on your decisions
  • Having it affect your personal life as well


I’d like to tell you the one thing that I realized was in the way of my success and happiness ….an experienced manipulator.


Once you learn how to recognize them right away (even from afar), you’ll be able to easily neutralize their affects.


Can you imagine ….

  • Feeling light and excited to go to work
  • Having your colleagues back you up and see you as a leader
  • Feeling confident in your own decision-making
  • Seeing your own success at work unfold
  • Being unaffected when manipulators try to control you
  • Knowing how to respond when manipulators enter your life
  • Knowing how to neutralize a manipulator’s attempts at their own agenda
  • Being able to confront or get rid of a manipulator effectively
  • Having a private life unaffected by work issues


All this can be yours!  You can learn it.  And I’ll show you how in The Winning Skill program.


In this 7 module program, I’ll help you ….

  • Become a more solid leader
  • Claim back your time at work and at home
  • Become a better communicator
  • Be someone that others look up to and aspire to be
  • Eliminate toxic people in your life (or greatly reduce your exposure)
  • Feel good about making sound business and personal decisions
  • Break free of the trial and error cycle, reducing mistakes
  • Learn to recognize manipulators in your life quickly (and how to respond to them)
  • Get back your family time
  • Reduce the risk of falling into the manipulator’s network and agenda
  • Get that raise or promotion you’ve been wanting
  • Be more satisfied in your career and overall life path
  • Having a personal, private life full of bliss instead of turmoil


I know how it feels to be a woman in corporate, trying to lead when a manipulator is in your network.  It not only affects your work environment, but the emotional toll is also something you tend to bring home.


It doesn’t have to be this way! 


Join us in The Winning Skill program and you’ll get a proven techniques how to recognize manipulators at the very beginning, or how to save you as a person if you are already in a manipulator’s net. You'll have a whole my support during our journey.


In our 7 moduls together, you’ll get …..


  • Proven techniques, exercises and instructions how to recognize manipulators instantly
  • Proven techniques how to deal with them and get out of their network (if you already are in manipulators network)
  • The bestselling book “The Winning Skill - Avoiding Manipulators and Enjoying Success”, where you can find true experiences with manipulators
  • Special price just for you - prices are in Canadian dollars


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Or you can go back to ….

  • Dreading each morning, dragging yourself to work
  • Feeling unheard, unseen and walked over by manipulators
  • Being used for someone else’s agenda
  • Unable to be effective at your own job
  • Stuck at your current ceiling of success
  • Being overlooked for a promotion or other opportunities to move up
  • Bringing home stresses from work that affect your personal relationships
  • Ruin your personality


Don’t let the manipulator ruin your chances for success and happiness.  Easily learn how you can get out from under them and stand confidently on your own.

Invest in yourself!



Looking forward working with you                                                                                                                          

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